The Underpants (2016)

By Carl Sternheim, adapted by Steve Martin

Directed by Don Fex


In renowned comic actor and writer Steve Martin’s adaptation of The Underpants, Theo Maske is horrified when his wife’s bloomers fall down in public. Theo frets that the inevitable scandal will ruin them financially and make them social outcasts, but before long, besotted men appear at the couple’s door to rent a room, setting off a chain of events that threatens to shatter their conservative existence forever. “An ambitious amalgam of comic book and social commentary, made out of sex jokes, slamming doors, and sophisticated repartee.” — The New York Times


The Gladstone, 910 Gladstone Avenue

January 8 to 23, 2016



Chelsey Cowan – Louise

Lawrence Evenchick – Cohen

Troy Ireland – Versati

Chris Lucas – Theo

Krista Marchand – Gertrude

Andrew Watson – The King

Allan Zander – Klinglehoff


Production Team

Director – Don Fex

Costume Designer – Aline Fournier-Chalmers

Graphic Designer – Emm Legault

Greenroom Sponsor – Allan Zander, Data Kinetics

Lighting Designer – John Solman

Props Designer – Teresa Seasons

Rehearsal Photographers – Don Fex, Brenda Solman

Set Contruction – Don Fex, Brenda Solman, Grace Solman

Set Designer and Scenic Artist – Grace Solman

Show Photographer – Maria Vartanova

Sound Designer – Don Fex

Sound Operator – Jessica Wong

Stage Manager – Brenda Solman

Assistant Stage Manager – Jason Hopkins


By Maria Vartanova