Othello (2018)

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Don Fex
Show dates: February 1–10, 2018

Othello is Shakespeare’s tragic tale of race, love, jealousy, and betrayal. Othello is a moorish general in a mostly white army and has just married a beautiful white woman. But if Iago, one of his soldiers, has his way, Othello will lose everything. Set against the backdrop of the American Civil War, Theatre Kraken’s production of Othello is scored with slave songs and traditional spirituals, and reminds us that we have not come as far from the race issues of Shakespeare’s time as we would like to think we have.

Nominated for a Prix Rideau Award, Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor, Chris Lucas


Othello – Chris Lucas

Iago – Michael Swatton

Desdemona – Meghan de Chastelain

Cassio – Nicholas Dave Amott

Rodorigo – Ian McMullen

Emilia – Robin Hodge

Brabantio/Gratiano – William Beddoe

Duke – Allan Zander

Bianca/Montano – Steph Goodwin

Lodovico – Lawrence Evenchick

Production Team

Director – Don Fex

Stage Manager – Christine Mathieu

Assistant Stage Manager – Annie Martin

Production Manager – Christine Hecker

Audition Assistants – Samantha Clarke, Rachel Rumstein

Costume Designer – Trish Murray

Fight Choreographer – Aaron Lajeunesse

Graphic Designer – Emm Legault

Hair Designer – Jacqueline Borutski

Lighting Designer – John Solman

Music Director – Chris Lucas

Props Lead – Brenda Solman

Scenic Artist – Jess Preece

Set Designer – Don Fex

Sound Designer – Don Fex


By Maria Vartanova