By Aristophanes


May 9–18, 2019
Tuesday–Saturday at 7:30 p.m.,
Saturday matinee, May 11, at 2:30 p.m.

ASL interpretation Thursday, May 16, at 7:30 p.m.

The Gladstone Theatre, 910 Gladstone Avenue, Ottawa

Director: Don Fex

Music Director/Composer: Kenny Hayes

In a society where men call all the shots and women are confined to the role of docile housewife, what are the women to do when their men abandon them to fight seemingly endless wars? In Aristophanes’ Lysistrata, one woman comes up with a plan: convince all the women to go on a sex strike until the men come to their senses and make peace. What follows is a pitched battle of the sexes loaded with innuendo, biting social commentary, and ribald (sometimes even lewd) humour. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see one of Ancient Greece’s funniest plays, set against a backdrop of pristinely conformist, white-picketed suburbia.



Lysistrata – Steph Goodwin

Calonice – Shirley Manh

Myrrhina – Emma Hickey

Lampito – Carley Richards

Magistrate – William Beddoe

Cinesias – Nicholas Maillet

Spartan Herald – Ian McMullen

Chorus of Women

Kiersten Hanly (Leader)

Chelsey Cowan

Julie Kevan

Alianne Rozon

Brenda R. Solman

Chorus of Men

Roy van Hooydonk (Leader)

Yang Chen

Nicholas Maillet

Ian McMullen

Kevin Reid


Kenny Hayes – Keyboard

Jason Sonier – Bass, Percussion, Flute

Please note that while this show does not feature any actual nudity or depictions of sex, it is largely about sex, so it does come up a lot (pun intended). It's also pretty liberally sprinkled with some very adult language.

Production Team

Stage Manager: Christine Mathieu

Assistant Stage Manager: Jessica Walker

ASL Interpreters: Carmelle Cachero, Catherine Maier, Misty Saikaley

Audition Assistant: Rachel Rumstein

Choreographer: Brenda R. Solman

Cloud Mistress: Grace Solman

Costume Designer: Maureen Russell

Costume Assistant: Patricia Hubert

Graphic Designer: Emm Legault

Hair/Makeup Designer: Janice Fitzsimmons

Makeup Assistant: Rebecca Laviolette

Lighting Designer: John Solman

Lighting Crew: Jennifer Barkley, Don Douglas, Barry Sims

Props Designer: Jennifer Barkley

Rehearsal Photographers: Don Fex, Brenda R. Solman

Show Photographer: Andrew Alexander

Scenic Art: Emm Legault

Set Design, Construction, Assembly & Painting: Don Fex, Christine Hecker, Brenda Solman, Grace Solman, John Solman, Jesse Walker

Sound Wizardry: Jason Sonier


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Photos by Andrew Alexander